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Mastercard facing UK class-action suit worth billions

Mastercard is facing a class action lawsuit in the UK worth billions. If it goes to trial, it will be the biggest lawsuit of its kind in the UK.

Behind the scenes footage of 'A Dog's Purpose' causes outrage

American Humane has opened an investigation into a video that shows behind the scenes footage of the production of 'A Dog's Purpose'.

30 firefighters killed in iconic Tehran high-rise collapse

More than 30 firefighters were injured on Thursday, when the blazing Plasco building in Tehran collapsed.

Many feared dead after avalanche hits Italian ski resort

Many people are feared dead, after an avalanche hit a hotel in Italy on Wednesday.

Chinese taking extraordinary steps to join the fight to save the elephants

China has traditionally been viewed as the villain in the elephant poaching crisis in Africa, being the world's biggest end-market for poached ivory, but it is taking moves to change its image.

War looming in West Africa

Nigeria has dispatched a warship to The Gambia, in an attempt to force president Jammeh to step down after losing the elections in December.

Fadi Fawaz hires bodyguard

Fadi Fawaz has reportedly hired a bodyguard.

More evidence against Thulsie twins

According to reports, an American-led undercover operation has secured evidence against the notorious Thulsie twins.

May delivers Brexit outline

British Prime Minister Theresa May delivered her long-awaited outline for the UK's exit from the European Union on Tuesday.

Arrested Uzbek suspect confesses to Istanbul New Year's nightclub attack

Turkish authorities on Tuesday said that the Uzbek man arrested for the nightclub attack in Istanbul on New Year's day has confessed to the crime.

German court rejects bid to ban far-right party

Germany's supreme court on Tuesday dismissed a bid for the banning of the far-right National Democratic Party.
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