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Gordhan: 95 percent of wealth in hands of the 10 percent

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan said wealth remained highly concentrated throughout the world, but especially in South Africa, where 95 percent of the wealth was in the hands of 10 percent of the population.

Learners sent to hospital after prank backfires

Twenty-four learners were sent to the emergency room after a prank involving poison went horribly wrong at Silverstream High School in Manenberg.

This day in history: Remembering the SS Mendi

The ship the SS Mendi, sank 100 years ago today off the coast of the Isle of Wight. The ship was carrying a contingent of black South African soldiers, who were supporting the British in WWI.

Wind hampers firefighting in Hout Bay fire

A strong southeaster is making efforts to bring a vegetation fire in Hout Bay under control very difficult.

This day in history: Love legislated

An amendment to the prohibition of mixed marriages bill is adopted in 1968 and extends the ban on mixed race marriages, preventing white and coloured people from marrying.

Trump blasts 'FAKE NEWS' media over Sweden reports

United States President Donald Trump said there was no justification for the problems he believes are plaguing Sweden, following the large scale immigration to that country.

Somalia faces drought catastrophe

Somalia faces the risk is encountering yet another catastrophe, if no attempt is made to try and mitigate the effects of the drought situation that continues to plague that country.

French anti-terror raids net three

Anti-terrorism raids carried out across France on Tuesday resulted in three arrests.

SABC responds to report with accusations of bias

The SABC has accused Parliament's ad hoc committee of bias during the inquiry into the fitness of the board to hold office.

This day in history: De Klerk announces referendum to end apartheid

FW de Klerk announces a referendum to determine white opinion on his recently instituted political reforms. The referendum is to be held on March 17, 1992.

Rural municipalities to get bulk of municipal funds

Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan said 47.5 percent of the available funds this year, will be allocated to national government, 43 percent to provincial government and 9 percent to local government.
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